USPTO’s Patent Pro-Bono Program Wants Your Input

Did you know that many inventors can get free help with their patent applications? The USPTO’s  Patent Pro Bono Program helps underserved populations with free legal services.patent pro-bono program infographic-95,000 hours donated

Since 2015, the Patent Pro Bono Program has provided about 95,000 hours of free legal services to independent inventors and small businesses. This has led to about 2,000 patent-application filings since 2015. Ninety patent practitioners gave 50 or more hours each of patent pro-bono service to pro-bono programs last year, and 25 corporations and law firms contributed their hours — a record number of organizations.

In 2022 alone:

– 43% of program applicants were female (a much higher number than female inventors named on U.S. patent applications, which is only 13%);

– 35% of applicants identified as African-American or Black;

– 13.8% of applicants identified as Hispanic; and

– 7.9% identified as being a veteran.

The USPTO is asking for suggestions and feedback on this program. Submit your comments through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at  The deadline is August 11, 2023.

Read more at the USPTO’s announcement.

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