The Path to a Patent, Part III: Patent searching at the USPTO

Screen shot of USPTO's Patent Public Search tool overlaid with image of person with word bubble that says "It's not so bad."A patent search is a multi-step process. Here at Keeley DeAngelo, we use Espacenet, Google Patents, and the USPTO’s new Patent Public Search (PPS) tool.

The PPS user interface requires some learning, and the USPTO has been offering repeated trainings since it rolled out its new tool last year.  The next training, on April 18 from 2 — 3:30 pm, is part of the series called Path to a Patent.  This training will cover:

  • Preliminary searching on PPS
  • How to approach a search using the suggested seven-step strategy (which we highly recommend) and
  • Tips and resources for searching

Register for this webinar at the USPTO’s Events page.

For a helpful video on prior-art searching, please see our youtube webinar, Part 2, “How do I know it’s patentable?

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