How Cool. Is This.

Need some happy news? We were so inspired by this.

Overcoming ten major cancer surgeries as well as an incarceration, Aisha McCain emerged an inventor/entrepreneur who now holds multiple patents in medical innovations and focuses her work on service to others. As a young kid,  Aisha would go with her mother to visit nursing homes and socially shunned AIDS patients, which had a profound effect on her. Now she is a community resource for cancer patients and an advocate for minority patients’ rights.

Photo, Aisha McCain, with the word "AISHA"

Soak up some of Aisha’s drive, tenacity, and creativity by listening to her speak at the USPTO’s new Formerly Incarcerated Innovation and Entrepreneurship program on Thursday, March 14, 2024.  In all, eight speakers will present resources and services available to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people who are interested in protecting innovations and building businesses.

The program is part of the USPTO’s Innovator Events for Everyone initiative. Sign up for the event on Thursday. 


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