Patent #11752420 Granted

Congratulations to our client Todd deWardener for his Ski-Training Apparatus, a set of convertible poles for training young people to ski. Patent #11752420.

My Favorite Monkee’s Mother Was a Business Diva

From struggling single mother to business diva, Bette Nesmith Graham’s grit and perseverance was epic.  So was her story.  If you want to be inspired, read Perseverance, thy name is Bette  at this month’s installation of the USPTO’s Journeys of Innovation. “She stood outside the Texas Bank and Trust high-rise building in downtown Dallas one …

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Fundamentals of the patent-application process workshop, 1/12/23

First-time patent-application filers interested in learning about the patent process from start to finish are invited to join the USPTO’s three-day workshop to learn the fundamentals of the patent-application process. The Stakeholder Application Readiness Training (StART) is for independent inventors and entrepreneurs. Day Three is from 9 am — 4 pm on Jan. 12, 2023 …

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They Sewed Two Jockstraps Together, Then Changed Women’s Sports Forever.

“…the motivation for the Jogbra started with a blunt question from her sister in 1977 about the discomfort she experienced while running: “Why isn’t there a jockstrap for women?” Ladies, remember the days before sports bras?  Women athletes resorted to bandaging their breasts. Same with any women who jogged, or played b-ball, or tennis, or …

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Apply for a Patent on a Really Tight Budget.

Pro-bono patent services are available for independent inventors and small businesses. Join our webinar on Thursday, April 23 at 12 pm to learn about pro-bono patent services for small businesses.  We will show you how to navigate pro bono services from the USPTO and other organizations. We’ll also cover everything you need to know before …

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