“Successful Inventing” Series Starts May 29, 2024

photo of young woman pondering ideas represented by a drawing of a lightbulb with stuff in it.Without research, effort, and tireless promotion, an invention will not go very far. It is saddening when we observe some of our most creative clients failing to get their products sold because they may lack time, wherewithal, or inclination to pursue the development of their inventions.

So we were happy to learn about the USPTO’s Successful Inventing series, a five-part online presentation that helps inventors continue their successes to develop viable, useful tools and products.

The series, which begins next week, will cover aspects of the invention process, including:

  • Research: Who is the buyer/customer?  Is a patent search or a commercial search needed?  How does a product idea fit the market?  What are the product’s advantages over the competition?
  • Pros and cons of patenting: costs and other considerations
  • Licensing: Licensing vs. manufacturing; What can and cannot be licensed; How to get a product manufactured
  • Product design and understanding the market:  Design vs. engineering; Prototyping; Selling before making; Determining your market
  • Promotion: Presenting your invention to companies; Licensing odds; Messaging

Sign up for this biweekly presentation at the USPTO’s Successful Inventing events page.

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