What We Do

Patent Prosecution

We research, write, file, and prosecute patent applications. We guide you through the Patent Office’s myriad requirements and fees.

Scott Keeley is a registered patent agent with 16 years of intellectual-property experience and a background in engineering and design. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does not distinguish between agents and attorneys. Patent agents do everything attorneys do except argue in court.

Patent Searching

A prior-art search (referred to as a patent search) includes all the prior art that’s related to your innovation. Anyone can search Google Patents, but a professional patent search is performed by careful method, and will yield relevant results.

A thorough prior-art search includes a Web search and a patent search at the U.S. Patent Office at uspto.gov. There is a science to patent searching and it’s easy to miss prior art. We’ve been doing these searches since 2006, so we have gotten pretty good at it.

Freedom-to-Operate Evaluation

Freedom to Operate (FTO) means that a business can develop and produce its product or process with minimal risk of infringing on someone else’s patent. It is a method for assessing risk.

Evaluating Freedom to Operate is a deep-dive research and analysis process that results in a report that is intended to keep you from infringing on another person’s intellectual property.

Prototype and IP in One Week?!

Yes. Come to Philly for Keeley DeAngelo’s one-week intensive program: constant guidance, advice and service from Scott and Regina. Here’s how one client did it.