USPTO Workshop Helps DIY Inventors Understand Claims

screen shot of patent claims for patent number US3277601A figure of patent number 3277601 from 1964Independent inventors who want to save money may attempt to file a patent application on their own, but once they reach the part about writing claims… well, it’s not easy. Not even for professional patent practitioners.

Knowing how claims work is a useful tool for DIY inventors because, in our opinion, it helps you understand how your practitioner forms the claims of your patent application.

The USPTO offers an 8-part recurring series called Path to a Patent, and Part V, on May 9, covers claims. At this online presentation, USPTO experts demonstrate the parts of a claim, and show examples of claim illustrations from issued U.S. patents.

Attendance at this workshop assumes intermediate knowledge of the intellectual property (IP) system.  To attain this, consider first attending Part I: IP Basics and Part IV: Learn how to draft your patent application.  Then you’ll be better prepared for the claims workshop, which will come around again. The entire series will be helpful to any serial inventor.

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