They Sewed Two Jockstraps Together, Then Changed Women’s Sports Forever.

“…the motivation for the Jogbra started with a blunt question from her sister in 1977 about the discomfort she experienced while running: “Why isn’t there a jockstrap for women?”

Jogbra inventors photo, 1977
Jogbra Inventors Hinda Miller (left) and Lisa Lindahl (right). Not pictured: Polly Smith, additional inventor

Ladies, remember the days before sports bras?  Women athletes resorted to bandaging their breasts. Same with any women who jogged, or played b-ball, or tennis, or any sport.

The Jogbra, invented in 1977, changed this. For an awesome story of invention by three creative women, see the story in this month’s “Journeys of Innovation” at the USPTO web site.


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