INVENTION-CON 2020 Starts Thursday 8/20/20

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Got an invention and don’t know where to start? Or just want to geek out on inventor stuff for three days? Join the USPTO’s Invention Con 2020 from Thursday, August 20 through Saturday.  Hosted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it’s the annual conference for makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Stuff covered includes:

  • Best Practices for Filing a Successful Patent Application, from career insiders at the USPTO
  • Applying for a Trademark, from a staff attorney at the USPTO
  • Understanding the Patent Examination Process, by the people who do it for a living
  • Building Your Business Model, by CEOs, small-biz and Patent Office gurus
  • Government Resources, by U.S. small biz heads and minority biz development honchos
  • Building a Virtual Business, by those who’ve done it (successfully)
  • Understanding Marketing and Reaching Your Customer with brand strategists and internet marketers
  • Understanding Licensing with IP pros, academics, and the head of the Licensing Executives Society International

Get started with your intellectual property at this free weekend event. Sign up at the USPTO’s Invention-Con 2020 page.

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