Learn How to Do a Patent-Search Like a Pro.

how to do a patent search prior art searchAnyone can search Google Patents, but a professional prior-art search combines targeted search with analysis to yield concise and useful results. In our new video series, “How Do I Know It’s Patentable?,” we teach inventors our four-pronged approach to prior-art searching, and more importantly, the basics of determining whether an invention is patentable.

Join us as we present this video screencast in a webinar with the Providence Public Library on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 from 6 — 7 pm. We’ll cover:

  • The rules of patentability
  • How to do a basic prior-art search
  • How to do an in-depth search using two online tools
  • How to do a worldwide search
  • Answers to your questions

Register for this workshop at the PPL’s website.

And please watch this space in the coming weeks as we load these instructional videos to our youtube page.  Learning to do a patent search/prior-art search takes time and thought, but a wise inventor will spend it up front to save time and money in the long run.

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