Three-day patent application workshop by the USPTO

uspto workshop on the fundamentals of the patent-application process, with picture of isaac newton and the url

Are you a first-time patent application filer and unsure where to start in the patent-filing process?

The USPTO is offering a three-day workshop on the fundamentals of the patent application process, starting today, through 1/25, 9 am — 4pm.  The Stakeholder Application Readiness Training (StART), for independent inventors and entrepreneurs, will teach how to:

  • Safeguard products and services from imitation
  • Attract and obtain funding from investors
  • Promote the commercial success of your enterprise

Fill out the interest form to begin.

The workshop will also cover:

  • Types of patent applications
  • Prior art searches
  • Scope of claims
  • Formality requirements
  • Claim writing and claim drafting
  • Proper application forms (provisional, design, and non-provisional)
  • Application data sheet
  • Patent Center
  • DOCX files

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