The 2002 U.S. Patent for Psychological Warfare

This past weekend, the New York Times reported that American diplomats suffered “sonic delusions” and possible brain damage during mysterious sonic attacks in 2016 in Havana, Cuba and Guangzhou, China.

The “microwave weapon” attacks caused the medical evacuation of 21 American diplomats in 2017, as well as the expulsion by President Trump of Cuban diplomats from the United States. The event scarred diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington. Investigations by the State Department and the FBI have not yet led to allegations, but the Russian government is among those suspected.

Russia has been studying “psychophysical” weaponry since the 1960s. Russia also has rekindled a close economic and diplomatic relationship with Cuba over the last few years.

Microwave radiation weaponry has been known since the Cold War, and the United States, Russia and some European countries have been developing it since then. This 2002 U.S. Air Force patent describes the use of the “radio-frequency effect” to transmit messages into the human brain.

According to the New York Times,
“The basic weapon might look like a satellite dish. In theory, such a device might be hand-held or mounted in a van, car, boat or helicopter. Microwave arms are seen as typically working over relatively short distances — across the length of a few rooms or blocks. High-powered ones might be able to fire beams across several football fields, or even for several miles.”

Here is the full story from Saturday, 9/1/18.

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