Free IP Advice For the Socially Isolated (That Should be You).

This week we offer free IP advice to voluntary isolators.

In the meantime:

Girl rockin' out.
Rockin’ out, staying sane.

1. Retake Algebra 2. Get A this time.
2. Or Algebra 1.
3. Or, OK, dividing fractions.
4. Start a biography of someone interesting in your life.
5. Write an autobiography using your iCal events.
6. Draw a cartoon series on the life of your pet.
7. Learn five songs on the guitar.
8. Write that manifesto.
9. Develop your invention and file a provisional patent application.

This week, we’re giving free 30-minute IP consultations to those forgoing social contact.

Do your part to reduce contagion.  Stay inside. Email us at  to set up your consultation. (Don’t worry, there will be no sales-pitching.)

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