— Cycle MA Rhode Island 2023 —

Dates: Sept 21 — 23, 2023

We arrive Thursday evening, 9/21, to set up camp and have dinner by the fire, and start riding the following morning at 9:30. Our last ride will be Sunday morning.


map of burlingame state park areaThere are two entrances to Burlingame Park. We are going to the one called “Burlingame State Campgrounds” on the left of the map.  (The other one, farther north, is “Burlingame Picnic Grove/Area”).

Campsites Reserved:

445, 447, 448, 449 and 450, plus others in that area.
Campsite reservation link:


We set off together at 9:30 from the campsite and return in the afternoon before dark for dinner by the fire.
Friday, 9/22/23: “Ride the Rhode.” (36 miles.) For shorter alternatives (same ride), see the Beachfront Ride map. We will leave the campsite at 9:30, drive/carpool to Amtrak Kingston Station, park, then continue together to the ride start-point at University of Rhode Island (see route).  If you’re not camping on Thursday night, just meet us at the campsite by 9 AM, or at Kingston Station by 10 AM, on Friday.
Saturday, 9/23: TBD
Sunday, 9/24: TBD
See options at RideWithGPS for Saturday and Sunday options.

Number of riders:

8 — 10 as of 9/20/23.

Food and Beverages:

We eat breakfast and dinner together at the campsite. If you don’t have time to prep something, we could always order sandwiches locally.

So far, people are bringing:

– Jet boil to heat water for coffee and a cooler with a couple things
– Camp stove, some chili to share and some muffins
– Chocolate chip banana bread, zucchini bread, turkey and roast beef to make sandwiches for the road, and a crock pot of baked beans with hotdogs.
– Camp stove, coffee, tea, decaf tea, beer, paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, hot cups, and apples from our tree
– Firewood