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CBD. It’s everywhere. It’s in the pain cream that I keep next to the bed. It’s in soap and shampoo, and in “luxury beauty serums.” It’s in gummi bears.

We know that CBD has been around since, like, hemp. Which is forever. And although one can argue that the compound has been in use for that long, it was not “discovered” until around 1940, when a chemist named Roger Adams from the University of Illinois isolated cannabidiol in the lab and published a paper on it called “Isolation of Cannabinol, Cannabidiol and Quebrachitol from Red Oil of Minnesota Wild Hemp.”

This led to patent number US2304669A, "Isolation of cannabidiol" ...which led to patent number US6630507B1, "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants." Both of which are now, happily, in the public domain, where they feed a multi-billion dollar industry of CBD products, half of which are in my bathroom.

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