Not to be outdone by Toyota’s “Party Mode" feature, Ford just patented its new “Portable entertainment support system for a pickup truck box." (Patent #10,207,623.)


It’s an entertainment center for the back of your pickup truck, offering a “plurality of receptacles in sidewalls of a truck box spaced above a truck bed” that make it easy to mount a flat-panel TV or projector and screen, plus an audio-visual system. To your truck bed.

One factor the United States Patent and Trademark Office uses to determine patentability is whether the invention solves a problem.

Ford addresses this its background: “Some pickup truck owners may drill holes in the pickup truck box or use existing holes or other structural features … to provide interface points for accessories. Drilling holes in a pickup truck box may increase the extent of corrosion, disrupt the integrity, and reduce the strength of the structure. Using existing structural features to secure objects to a pickup truck box may not meet all of a user's needs and requirements.”

This won’t fix the rusty holes you already drilled in your pickup truck, but it could crown you king or queen of the parking lot at the next game.

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