• Fizzics killed it on Shark Tank.

    Fizzics killed it on Shark Tank.

    Our client Fizzics nailed $2 million for 16% on Shark Tank's season 8 premiere. We filed the company's first provisional patent in 2015. They now have six patents pending, including two international applications.

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Patent Writing and Prosecution

We research, write, file, and prosecute patent applications.
We've written over 200 patents, filing nationally and internationally.

Intellectual Property Portfolio Building

Your intellectual property is your company's most valuable capital. We help businesses manage their intellectual capital by reviewing patent portfolios and advising about intellectual capital.

Patent Valuation

Keeley DeAngelo can cultivate your innovation into a viable, patented product that can be valued as a business for ultimate sale, franchise or merger in the US or international marketplace.

Intellectual property for startups.

Startups and established companies need intellectual-property management more than they need a day in court.

Keeley-DeAngelo researches, protects and patents the innovations of small businesses.
We help build strong intellectual-property portfolios that protect against infringement.

People, not "Resources."

We work with startups, small and medium-sized businesses, independent inventors, and established companies.

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