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Patent Writing, Patent-Searching and Prosecution

We research, write, file, and prosecute patent applications, filing nationally and internationally. Our principal, Scott, is a registered patent agent (#74622) who has been in the IP business for 14 years. Our patent researcher, Regina, is a technical writer who has been researching and writing for IP since 2010.

Intellectual Property Guidance and Standards

We guide inventors toward realistic expectations about their work. That means we will not take on a project unless it has a reasonable chance of patentability. Our happy customers are evidence of this.

Patent Drawings

With a background in engineering and a Master's in Fine Art, Scott Keeley has been preparing patent drawings since 2006.

Our Affiliations:

IP for startups.

Startups and established companies need intellectual-property management more than they need a day in court.

Keeley-DeAngelo researches, protects and patents the innovations of small businesses.
We help build strong intellectual-property portfolios that protect against infringement.

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